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NEISCO      is an Egyptian company established in 1980. The company used to import U.P.V.C fittings.By year 2002, The Company started to produce the fittings in cooperation with the Italian company "COMER".

NEISCO       produce pressure fittings suitable for irrigation, portable water supply, chemical installation water treatment, swimming pools and foodstuff industries.

NEISCO       products can be used with any type of pipes meeting the same international standards.


  The U.P.V.C compound used fits for contact with alimentary fluids in accordance with regulations in force in Italy, France, Holland, UK, Scandinavian countries, etc.

 - Solvent joining is metric or B.S (IMPERIAL) size.
- BSP threaded
- Adaptor fittings to connect a solvent weld U.P.V.C
. piping system to pipes fittings valves and accessories with BSP threads

 The best way to optimize the potable water consumption is one of the main national targets for all countries. One of the main reasons to loose this national treasure is the leakage and the defects that happen in the combination machines that are used nowadays as the quantity of water should be constant to get rid of the solid and liquid exhaust. Zahran machine for combination was invented to reach this national target..

Advantages of this machine are :

  • Preventing leakage by using ball valves as a filling valve.
  • Preventing leakage by using extra force for exhaust valve.
  • Using a control unit to control water discharge according to the flow.
  • Easy assembling in all porcelain combinations. The box is filled to the max level to keep the high pressure suitable for effective exhaust.